How Single Mothers Can Raise Successful Kids

Every parent wants their kids to be successful in life. However, they may define that success. Unfortunately, there is no recipe for raising successful kids. However, psychologists have found that certain factors can predict success, such as spending time with kids and allowing them to make decisions and take responsibility.

It can be more difficult for a single mother to raise successful children but there are many examples that prove it’s possible. Here are some factors parents of successful children have in common.

They have healthy relationships

Some studies have discovered that kids in single-parent families where there is no conflict do better in life than children in two-parent families where there’s conflict. The conflict between parents prior to divorce has a negative effect on children but post-divorce conflict can also influence their adjustment.

Avoiding conflict where possible is important, especially in a divorce situation, and having one of the best child custody lawyers from can help to make this happen. One study found that when a father didn’t get custody in the divorce but still had frequent contact with his kids and there was minimal conflict, the kids were better achievers.

They tend to make their kids do chores

When kids don’t have to do any chores, they’re not only absolved of the work but of learning that work needs to be done and that everyone has to contribute for the betterment of society as a whole. Kids who are raised by single moms often have to pick up some of the slack and do chores but this can help rather than hurt them.

They are often more empathetic in the workplace and collaborate well with coworkers because they understand what it’s like to struggle. They have no problem tackling tasks independently because they realize that work is a part of life and they can’t expect others to do everything for them.

They teach their kids social skills

Studies have also revealed that there’s a correlation between kindergartners with social skills and their later success as adults. Socially competent children who understand their feelings, know how to help others, and can resolve problems on their own, are far more likely to succeed in life than those with limited social skills. Kids with limited social skills often have a higher chance of binge drinking, getting arrested, and more.

Helping their kids to develop emotional and social skills is one of the most important ways single mothers can prepare them for future success in life.

They have a close relationship with their kids

Sensitive caregiving in the first three years of kids’ lives often means they achieve better in academic tests in childhood and attain more success as adults.

Parents who respond promptly when their kids need them and develop a strong relationship will create a secure base from which they can explore. Single moms who invest early on in creating such a bond with their kids often see long-term returns throughout their lives.

They have a growth mindset

When single mothers are very stressed about having to juggle work and find time with their kids, their emotional exhaustion and feelings of defeat can transfer to their kids. Single moms with the mindset that challenges are just an opportunity for growth will also influence their kids. If they have high expectations of their kids, they will often fulfill these expectations.

Role modeling is a powerful way of signaling what’s appropriate in terms of how to think. If their kids grow up seeing that it’s possible to overcome challenges and succeed, there is no reason for them to think that they can’t succeed too.