The Best Hiring Practices to Overcome the Labor Shortage

Labor shortages occur as employers struggle to fill vacancies. There is a lack of appropriate skills and also the wrong personality on the shortlist of candidates they have. Then again, labor shortages can also be seasonal when a sudden demand requires additional labor. What are the best hiring practices to deal with these labor shortages?


Train the employees you have


To make up for the shortage of skilled workers, why not offer training to the talented employees you already have? Six Sigma provides both training and Six Sigma certification in human resources and other careers. With this certification, you’re equipped with tools and techniques to eliminate volatile errors and improve production processes in the company.


This kind of training can increase productivity in-house without the need to employ someone from outside who doesn’t understand the company’s culture. Mistakes in hiring can cost a business a fortune. Those in your business with this certification are always in demand. It’s because they have the skills to detect and reduce errors and steer a business in the right direction.


Show you’re flexible


People respond well to flexibility in a business. These flexible work schedules are a top hiring practice and an important consideration for those choosing a job these days. Certainly, any business that factors in staff preferences won’t have trouble hiring. Job flexibility is a key value these days.


Staff wants to feel supported wherever they choose to work. Allowing employees to work remotely and at variable hours has seen tremendous success with many companies. And with fewer people working in the office at any given time, businesses are about to save a fortune by moving to smaller premises.


Use social media


Social media is a fantastic recruiting tool, especially when you consider that it’s not enough to be posting an ad in the newspaper or online. If you want to connect with the best, you have to search where they are, which means checking out social media. Millennials are tech freaks and a massive percentage of them find their jobs on a social network.


With the pandemic, we’re living in a totally digital world, and social media ads on the likes of Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter can be such effective marketing tools for targeting the right people. You can filter and pinpoint the type of people you want to hire and expand your candidate reach massively in difficult skilled labor shortage times.


Look at passive candidates


Many of the best job candidates are actually passive candidates – those not actively looking for a new job. However, they’re people who won’t say no to new, exciting job opportunities. There are employers who target these passive job candidates as they have excellent employment records and know what is required of them to succeed in the job they’re in.


Employers like to target passive job seekers when they haven’t had success with candidates responding to their vacant job advert. Luring passive job seekers is a top practice for businesses to find the right candidates and remain competitive in troublesome times.


Make use of interim professionals


If a business has a lack of permanent candidates to fill a position, why not make use of interim professionals? The whole world is trying to emerge from chaotic times and with the current employment market, many companies are finding it difficult to hire the right people. Recruiting people can be costly, more so when you make a mistake.


Temp staffing can also be a long, costly process and it’s why people turn to freelance platforms. You can find very talented, skilled people and pay hourly or offer a fixed price. You can hire the person for as long as you need and there is no expensive recruitment process. These remote workers fill positions with no strings attached and are particularly useful in difficult labor times when it’s not possible to find the right professionals.