How to Invite a Chief Guest to Your Local Sports Tournament

Local sports tournaments help bring the local community together and celebrate their talented community members. It creates a chance for the participating sportsmen and women to take their skills to the next level. The spectators will also have something to remember many days later.

To crown the local tournament, organizers invite a chief guest either to preside over the opening session, offer closing remarks, or help during the laid down formalities. A letter of invitation is important and care is needed when drafting the letter or approaching the guest to attend your event.

Identify the right guest to invite

You cannot invite anyone as a chief guest to your local sports tournament. It calls for a careful selection process, checking their qualities, qualifications, and personality. The chief guest must be interested in your kind of sports and be willing to show their moral support.

They should have a crowd-pulling personality and have a good reputation within your local community and sports team. The guest could be a politician, a CEO of a blue-chip company, a socialite, an artist, a celebrity, or any other person with a good reputation who can make your event great and maybe offer some advertisement opportunity for your SidelineInteractive scores tables.

Have in mind more than one individual 

It is not automatic that your choice guest will accept your invitation because they might be committed on that day or maybe they have their personal reasons. To avoid disappointments, have a list of at least five options so that if one is not available, you can move on to the next one.

A guest might accept attending your local sports tournament, but things happen and they fail to turn up on the material day. They may go the extra mile to get you someone else to represent them, but if that doesn’t happen, be ready with an alternative name.

Write a letter

Without a chief guest, your tourney might not be exciting because no one will help with the formalities and protocols. A chief guest will help crown your local sports tournament by lighting the lamp, launching products, giving awards, flowers, speeches, and everything else within your protocols that will make the event beautiful.

In the letter, follow the formalities of an official letter and start with your name, address, contacts, and date. Next, write the full name of the person you are inviting. Sometimes you may include their title or position. Include their address and then move on to the reference line.

Craft the letter intelligently and mention the name of your sports tournament. Follow this immediately with a clear statement that you request them to crown the event as a chief guest. Give them details of the event date, day, month, time, and year. If there will be any other guests invited, let your chief guest know because of protocols followed when there are senior people in an event.

Be clear also with the dressing code and if there will be any meals or drinks served during the event. Give your guest the leeway to ask any questions for further clarification and let them know that you are looking forward to their acceptance of the invitation. Close by signing your name.

Delivery for your letter of invitation

You may choose to write an email to your expected chief guest but in this case, be sure that you have their correct email address. Before submitting the email, it might be a good gesture to call them and inform them you are sending the email. They will be able to follow it up if a secretary is the one who will receive the email first.

If the guest is reachable physically, a hardcopy letter might do better. Write the letter on letterhead and deliver it in person instead of mailing it through the post office. If this option is not workable, use an email instead.