Introduction Blog Post

Hello everyone, my name is Kaylynn Hill (pronouns are currently: she/her)

I am a second year masters student in the higher education and student affairs program. I got interested in student affairs through my undergraduate studies at a community college. I saw the inaccessibility of higher education, but the impactful opportunities it brought. At Lakeland Community College and Cleveland State University (my undergraduate institutions), I studied psychology. While studying psychology, I worked at Lakeland in a variety of capacities. The departments that I worked for include: recruitment, student activities, service-learning, orientation, student organizations, presidents office, women’s center, and mental health task force. This allowed me to gather a wider scope of higher education before I began my masters. Currently, my role on campus is the Graduate Assistant for Leadership and Civic Engagement within VT Engage. I predominately work on the ACC Student Leadership Symposium, alternative spring breaks, student leadership teams, and assessment for the office. I also work for a non-profit called Promote Care & Prevent Harm where we translate research into community and school specific programming to promote caring actions and prevent harmful incidents. As far as student affairs aspirations, I would love to be a Dean of Students one day. Right now, I am focused on college access, service-learning, leadership development, and advising.

Keeping with my ice cream theme and my slight obsession with Jenis ice cream, I actually met the founder of Jenis herself. Every year she hosts a Strawberry Jam festival to kick off the strawberry season in Ohio. My friend, who is also a Jenis enthusiast, drove all the way from Washington D.C. to Columbus, Ohio to be at the festival. My friend direct messaged Jeni on instagram that we wanted to meet her at the festival and they coordinated a time that we could meet. If you are ever in DC or Nashville or Ohio, I highly recommend checking out Jenis ice cream!