COVID-19 and the University

This year has presented some unprecedented challenges for higher education. In January, we would never have imagined where we are today. Professors are struggling to keep students engaged in courses, students are frustrated that they can’t have the graduation they had been working towards, graduate students are completing their much-awaited defenses via Zoom, and there is the looming question of tuition and fees. Unfortunately, there is no clear idea of how to handle the situation but going forward, university faculty and staff will be thinking of ways to adapt the classroom and operations for a pandemic.¬†One thing I am worried about going forward is a heavy reliance on Zoom. I think a lot of people have realized how much can be accomplished over Zoom and will be inclined to use it more in the future.¬†Personally, I have experienced a lot of technical difficulties including dropped calls and it has been a frustrating experience. Students who may have limited resources at home or distracting home environments will also be at a disadvantage. This is definitely something that professors will have to consider when setting up their courses in the future. Another thing I am particularly worried about is research. There has been talk about letting graduate students return to campus while undergraduate students may not be allowed to return. This presents a challenge for graduate students like myself who rely heavily on the assistance of undergraduate students to complete their experiments. Obviously, limiting the number of students on campus reduces the risk of virus transmission but it will certainly hinder university operations. At the end of the day, we will have to collectively weigh the pros and cons of resuming “normal” operations. Inevitably, there will be negative consequences for certain groups of people.

4 thoughts on “COVID-19 and the University

  1. COVID 19 is like a curse to the world this year. All the world is struggling with it. God knows till what time everyone can come over it. All the academics has been affected along with other essential services.

    Praying to God to end this soon.

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  3. Covid-19 is presenting challenges for us all, especially in the service industry and in academia from day care through the university level. It is something we must all overcome.

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