Week 12: Ethics

My beliefs and values are on the liberal side. I think we should be open to new, unconventional things because times are always changing and I would like to change with the times than stick to how things have always been in the past. We are evolving as a people, and this has an effect on my opinions on subjects. For example, I think the students in the first article we read for this week didn’t do anything wrong by looking at an old exam on Koofers.com. Koofers.com is a free online resource that is intended to assist students in learning. It allows students to help each other in their education. I definitely think it is unethical for students to steal exam solutions or any materials from professors and post it online. However, the students who are simply accessing the website to study had no part in that unethical behavior. Professors are always telling students to use the abundant resources available to them today, and Koofers is one of them. I would say that a lot of my ethics come from the Golden Rule. It’s a good way to think about whether something is right or wrong. A lot of times when people act unethically, they have failed to think about how they would feel if the positions were switched and someone were to do something that would affect them. And, if you do think of that and still continue to go through with the act, then you don’t have good ethics and it’ll be very hard to change that. I think a person’s childhood is the most important stage to build good ethics, beliefs, and values. It is important for parent’s to shape their children and teach them because they are the biggest influence on the child’s life at that stage in life. If you have that good foundation when you are young, it’ll be hard for that to change when you get older.