Open Access

Wildlife Biology is an open-access journal focused on wildlife science and management, with the goal of “promoting a scientific basis for the conservation and management of wildlife and of human-wildlife relationships”.  This journal publishes a variety of empirical and theoretical work across several sub-fields within the overall discipline. Submitted manuscripts are evaluated by multiple peer reviewers and a subject editor. Wildlife Biology is published by the Oikos Editorial Office, owned by the Nordic Council for Wildlife Research, and supported by the Office National de la Chasse et de la Faune Sauvage (in France). It was established in 1994, and is published bimonthly. Their web site does not include any position statements specifically addressing the open access movement, but does claim that “publishing your work as Open access will increase the number of readers and make the published results more widely spread” (1).

Their publishing fee (€500 plus and additional €165 value-added tax if applicable) seems comparable or slightly low compared to other journals in the field, considering they do not charge by page. Authors from countries with low average incomes (based on Worldbank classifications) can apply for publishing fee waivers.

I’ll admit that I was a bit skeptical of this journal at first. Open access journals get a bit of a bad rap in our field, with some arguing that it can be easier to get manuscripts accepted due to less rigorous review standards. “Phishing” journals are also a growing problem in the field, leading some professionals to distrust lesser-known journals. I have read some articles of questionable quality in open access journals before. However, in skimming through the articles, this journal appears to be legitimate, with interesting articles and respected scientists included among the authors of recently accepted manuscripts. I’m excited to have found a few articles to add to my “to-read” folder, and another journal to keep in mind for my next paper submission.






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