Darwin Class Discussion

Here are the topics Tanner and I have come up with for tomorrow’s discussion:

1. There are indications that Darwin seems to think some domestic and wild species are superior or inferior than others. Is there any validity to describing species this way? What might the criteria for calling one species superior than another?
2. Is domestication actually a mutualistic process? Do both humans and the animals necessarily benefit?
3. What implications for domestication and human involvement in the ecosystem arise from the rabbit plague of Australia and similar events?
4. What might be the reasons that color seems to be so highly correlated with disease susceptibility and survivability of domestic and wild animals
5. Changes causing more harm than good: how do we predict if human interference with mutations will hurt or help?
6.  Animals as status symbols, “something man could manipulate” What rights should animals have?
7. Links between evolution and civilization, cultural domestication
8.  Acclimatization of animals



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