professionals are still human beings

In all levels of school (elementary school, middle school, high school, and college), I was under a false illusion that my teachers and professors were perfect, flawless human beings with shiny, glimmer-y lives who had never made a mistake throughout their entire lives. These people made their professions look so easy and they impressed me so much.

Because I was under this false illusion, I felt that if I followed the education pathway into a profession, I had to be a perfect, flawless human being as well. No past failures, no mistakes EVER. At this point in life, I’ve gone through grade school, a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, and am now working towards my PhD. It has taken me until about the past three years to realize that all of these people that I have always looked up to and viewed as perfect specimens are just normal people. Normal people, just like me, who have a full, normal life outside of their teaching or research job. Normal people who have most likely also experienced failure on several occasions during their journeys.  This realization has helped me take a lot of pressure off of myself and I now understand that if I just work hard, keep passion as a driving force, and do what I am supposed to be doing, then I will continue to find success. Everyone is human, and we must always remember this.

To say it again, everyone is human, and we must always remember this. Even our professors. No matter what our role is, we can all learn from one another and we have valuable things to teach and share.