why does it feel as if we are powerless to stop the hate?


Maybe because we are, essentially, powerless at stopping hate? What do you do when someone who supports white supremacy is a graduate teaching assistant? I guess you could complain to university officials and protest in any way you know how. It still feels like this doesn’t lead to change.

The link at the beginning of this post explains it better than I could attempt to, but at Virginia Tech, there is a graduate student who has made comments online that are in clear support of white supremacy. Students have expressed concerns to university administrators about this, but it feels like nothing can get done. The student self-elected to not teach next semester, but he’s still here on campus. According to a recent news article, he plans to “be designing free speech classes for the English department next semester” (http://www.wdbj7.com/content/news/Virginia-Tech-GTA-accused-of-white-supremacist-social-media-posts-457296573.html).

Seems like a big mess of a situation, and it doesn’t reflect well on Virginia Tech to have someone representing the school and the English department like this. Someone could always make the free speech argument and claim that he is entitled to make these statements. I just don’t understand why you would make statements or do anything to deliberately belittle and hate another person.

On a different yet related note, the thing that troubles me most is how there are people that have these white supremacist thoughts and opinions, and how they have probably maintained these feelings for a while. These feelings are not new, but with a president that “speaks his mind” so often and so freely, it seems to have made it okay for people to speak out if they feel this way. It absolutely disgusts me.

It further frustrates me because I don’t know how to change the mind of someone who supports white supremacy. I like to think it’s possible, but I don’t really know if you can effectively reach out to someone who has such a radicalized view.

It is frustrating and I want everyone to love everyone because we are all humans and we are all deserving of love. To whoever reads this, know that I love you. Maybe one day the love will be enough to drive away the hate.