a ring by spring?!

Link to the article=  https://www.chronicle.com/article/Ring-by-Spring-How/241840?cid=wcontentgrid_6_3list_6

Some couples get married early, some couples wait a couple years, and some may choose to not ever get married. Some people enjoy being single while other individuals are still waiting for the right person to walk into their lives. I never knew this, but at Christian colleges and universities in the United States, a “ring by spring” is a trend. What?!

I like to consider myself a decently mature person and I’ve pretty much always felt this way. However, when I look back 5 or so years to when I was still in college, I don’t necessarily feel that way. I felt mature when I was there, but I’ve come such a long way since that period. I’ve done so much growing and learning as a person, and it’s the type of growth and realization that couldn’t possibly have happened to me at that point in life. I got married this past spring to my college boyfriend (we met in college and had been together 6 and a half years at the time of the wedding). When I look back on our relationship in college, I similarly realize that we have grown exponentially as a couple. Being forced to play the long-distance game due to graduate school and jobs was a really hard time as we endured it, but it allowed us to learn so much about ourselves and one another and strengthened our relationship as a result. Not to say that a couple can’t have an amazing life together right out of college, but going through trials helps you realize whether or not you actually want to be with the person or not.

Although this is my stance and these are statements about me as a person, this doesn’t mean that another person couldn’t be ready to get married and start a life at 21 or 22. I just definitely don’t think I could have handled it! Another thing, there’s no way I could have been financially secure at that age! I’m definitely not financially secure now, but I am way more established and have a *glimmer* of a savings account (I also have a husband now, and we both have an income, so this majorly helps! but I digress).

As the article states, the “ring by spring” trend puts unnecessary added pressure on college couples to get engaged and follow along. It can also make students who are single, not heterosexual, or just not at this point in life feel very left out.

In addition to this trend, some Christian colleges may facilitate this rush to get engaged. Many of these colleges have couples retreats or other similar events. It is still a couple’s choice whether or not to get engaged at such an early point in life, but situations like these, to some extent, fuel that decision.

I found this article extremely interesting! It informed me of a trend that I was not even aware of.