Teaching Experience

Pedagogy has been core to my upbringing. A son to a teacher and with several professors in the family, I was bound to be influenced by the profession. As a high school student, I remember helping out my class mates and juniors in Mathematics and this experience sparked my interest greatly in the field of teaching. At Virginia Tech, I’ve been a grader for Thermodynamics, Convective Heat and Mass Transfer and Engineering Design and Economics.

The coolest thing about teaching is the mutual growth which is so seamless and filled with fun. I personally believe that learning process is vital to being human; as part of the most evolved species in the planet, it behooves us to keep the baton of learning going on and who could do it better than a professor? The satisfaction of helping other people stand on their own feet, boosting their self esteem not only in the subject but t various other topics, helping students broaden their perspective – only a person in academic can achieve all of this! The list can go on and on and rightly so – a profession that serves mankind in the highest possible way, by serving knowledge and I am super excited to become a professor someday!


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