Additional Post 5: What do grades signify?

I’m pretty sure many of us have heard a ton of ideas concerning grades. I’m just going to be sharing some of mine. What does grade mean to you? For me, its a measure of the “smart work” plus “hard work”. It had nothing to do with who we are as people, does not have a measure of our latent abilities, however, it does give a measure of how well we can take up a test at that given point. In high school, I used to get perfect scores and then in university, I have also failed in a mid term. Yet, I am here today pursuing a higher education degree. What it meant to me in my life was clearly how well I was ready to face the exam. When I was fully prepared and free from all distractions, focussed and correct in my approach for the test, I got those beautiful As. But then, when I was distracted and got involved in unavoidable personal situations, I kind of lost focus and couldn’t really put in my best which resulted in poor grades. However, grades did have a great impact in my life. The university I chose for my Bachelor’s was heavily dependent on the grades alone. My scholarships were based on grades. Credibility among faculty members were based on grade. Its really weird because on one hand, I’m pretty sure everyone of us reading this can agree that grades dont define anyone, yet we place so much importance on grades.

Western education is doing a great job in this area. In the east, marks create insane obsession among students and when some score low, they go the extent of even killing themselves! There are very few universities that look at a holistic profile of a candidate. The problem with eastern countries I feel is that the population is too much and ranking applicants based on numbers they get in a particular exam easens the process. But that is completely unfair to the person. What would you think would be a better way to admit applicants in countries with a millions of applicants each year?

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