Post #10, Week #14

So I don’t really have a creative title for this.  “FINAL POST!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!!!!!!!1!1!” just didn’t quite seem appropriate, even if it is my 10th, and last required post.

This class is essentially over.  We have 1 more class meeting, and a couple more assignments (whatever happened to the “make an assignment” assignment?  I thought it was supposed to be due by now, but it hasn’t even been posted yet…maybe we should just all get credit for it).

Our final project is coming along, even though we have a couple glitches to work on.  And by a couple, I mean more than I’d like to think about.  We have a good group, but it isn’t easy given how little guidance was given on the project.  Hopefully we will be able to get everything done before our deadline in a week.

I’m not sure that this class really succeeded in its goal, since I have actually used my Linux build less later in the semester than I did earlier, and from what I’ve seen, I am not the only one.  Not sure if it is the style of the class or the material or what, but it just seems to end up that way.