Response: Shy then Engineers or Engineers then Shy?

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thatoneguy posed this question back on October 16th. Essentially he asked if engineers started off shy, or become shy because they are engineers.

I think that engineers may start off somewhat introverted coming out of high school, but when they are put into a bunch of classes with other introverted engineers, they adapt and become even more introverted.  This turns into a vicious cycle that outputs what society expects:  introverted, quite, socially awkward engineers who are smart, but are unlikely to be understood by the general public.



There is but one law
It’s: Keep it simple, Stupid
Nothing else matters


There was a cadet who played brass
Who slept through his unix class
The teacher taught them grep
but the cadet missed a step
and never did pass.



Online vs In class

From what we were told last class there is some consideration going into making ECE2524 into a purely online class.  I believe that this would be a bad idea.  While teaching this subject in a classroom is a bit of a challenge, it is extremely helpful to have a teacher to go talk to and to actually see.  Additionally, having an actual class room give an extra opportunity to make sure the students are motivated, or at least keeping up with their work.  A purely online class could be finished in 2 weeks.  Whether it is the first 2, or the last 2 is determined by the student.  Also, the classroom setting allows for true collaboration between students, while online would remove a large part of the team element.


Week 10

Its been awhile since I last posted.  Amazing how long term assignments like this one can get away with you.  My group has an idea of what we are planning to do, but haven’t put in too much effort yet.  But it is still early on for the project.

Also, the VT-Miami Game is about to start, so I have no motivation to do any work tonight.  But its ok because Hokie Football.  Also, just saw a skyfall commercial about the game.  pretty awesome combination.

So far all the coding has made sense in the class, even make files, since I have played with them a little bit before. Not in any depth though so I’m learning everything as I go.