Start of week 7

Its hard to believe that the semester is only half over.  I spent this past weekend catching up on all of my python exercises.  I had fallen almost 12 exercises behind, but was able to catch up.  Python has been relatively simple to learn.  Its just a new syntax, but relatively similar to java and c++.  Maybe its just my experience with my other two languages that allow me to catch on to it so quickly.

I’m still not using my Debian partition enough, but that’s still mostly do to laziness.  The fact that I am able to use programs through cygwin lets me appear to be using linux for the homeworks.

I also attempted the practice midterm today.  Most of the questions weren’t too bad, but I haven’t figured out how to save the output work that I was doing, beyond a print screen.  So I will have to look into that before the midterm on Wednesday.  But in all the questions weren’t hard, and i was able to accomplish pretty much everything without too much of an issue.

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