After months of preparation and anticipation, the day has finally arrived. Tomorrow marks the beginning of a new adventure which promises to bring together new people, experiences, learning, and a broader, global perspective. On the eve of my departure for my trip to Switzerland, I am feeling appreciative and excited for being given this opportunity and to travel with an amazing group of people. These feelings are a combination of my passion for exploring new countries and becoming acquainted with higher education in a global setting, especially as I prepare for a future in academia. I am looking forward to meeting professors and colleagues in other universities, understanding the European higher education systems and the contrast to the American and Latin American academic systems. I am also eager to engage in meaningful conversations with the colleagues that I am traveling with and share with them unique experiences throughout this trip. Furthermore, I am certain that the relationships I build on this program will enrich my professional development as well as my teaching philosophy, and it will also be beneficial for my future students as I can better mentor and serve them.