Racism exists now?

Last week, we read an article about the hidden brain,where Vedantam states that unconscious messages are actually far more influential than conscious messages and will always tell us people’s races, even from a very young age. I agree with his statement, but I think the recognization/awareness of races is not unconscious because it’s easy for normal human beings to tell the differences of skin color, white, black or yellow. It’s apparent, not hidden anywhere. People are aware of it, while they just choose to avoid talking about it most of the time.

Races are there. How about racism? From my own observations and experiences,I tend to believe that racism still exists even though racial discrimination has been improved, just as  William Faulkner said, which is also cited in the Whistling Vivaldi’s book, “The past isn’t dead and buried. In fact, it isn’t even past.” As a Chinese, who came to US for graduate study about 2 years ago, I know that Chinese immigrants were banned from entering the United States until 1943. Also, Chinese were prohibited from testifying against whites and were often assigned more dangerous jobs at some points. Now, situations has been improved a lot, Chinese people can apply H1 visa and have a good job and also apply for green card or citizenship. However, did the racism against Asian disappear? I guess it’s very hard. It’s not something superficial, it’s something deep inside your heart. Of course Asians can work, talk, or have dinner with whites, but you can still feel the subtle difference. One of my old friend who have lived in US for more than 30 years told me that it’s impossible to eliminate racism. One of my other friend who had his son in US told me that even his son speaks native English, it’s still very hard for him to have good White friends.

Racism is of course bad. Nobody can choose which country to be born. Nobody can choose his/her parents. Nobody can choose his/her historical epoch nor the circumstances of upbringing. But, we can choose how we shall live, how we shall deal with different races. Let’s be fair to everybody and treat everyone equally.

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  1. I love your panda pic is awesome! Well discrimination based in gender and looks still exist.
    We can’t choose our parents or origin but we choose to honor them and be proud of our roots.
    We all are different (cultural-racial-ethnic-social-religion) and similar (Homo sapiens) at the same time. People are afraid of things that they do not know, so we can decide to educate them or ignore them.

  2. Hi
    You forgot one of the biggest racism in this planet, the big different between poor people and reach people.
    I do not recall if we touch this point in class, but this is real.
    Only people who grow up in poorly situation and has struggle through life to become middle class can fell the racism.
    I like your post

  3. Wow! That’s a great blog with wonderful comments. I love Ivy’s comment on being happy with what we are born with. It is notable how the gender and economic privilege is brought up. We are living with racism. Identifying it in its various forms and being vigilant of our hidden brain might help us be more inclusive.

  4. Yes, your post is very good and the panda is awesome! Racism will always exist here on Earth, but I feel compelled to bring God into this. He created and loves everyone equally no matter the race and in Heaven there will be no racism. I wish there was no racism here, but at least I can do my part and love everyone! 🙂 我爱中国人,美国人, 男女老少,朝野, 和五行八作。上帝也爱!

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