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Blogging, oh my god, never thought about doing it in English,  my second language, especially after my advisor joked on my report, saying that it’s bleeding (you know when people review a paper, the changes will usually become red; so after my advisor reviewed my report, most of the fonts were changed from black to red.). I’m sure that my writing is very poor. It’s just a headache, frustrating, time-consuming and confidence-destroying. Blogging sounds intimidating. Nevertheless, GEDI is providing the opportunity for blogging and kind of makes me force myself to do it. It won’t be easy for me (I even google search to see whether I’m using the right word and I may still use wrong words), but on the other hand I’d love to try and I believe a good start is half the battle. So here I am, where I never expected to be. Such is how people grow. Keep an open heart, drag myself out of my comfort zone, and try things that I think I’ll never do.

Back to blogging itself, it’s not new at all, why still many instructors don’t blog to better teach a class? In fact, some students (yes, I do) even prefer old-fashioned ways of teaching, e.g. writing on a blackboard. Can blogging really be useful and effective for teaching? Will students tend to read pages of mathematical derivations on a website? Won’t it be easier if someone can actually show you how to use a equipment than watching a video on line? In the point of my view, in-person teaching is still the most effective way that will engage with students the most. However, blogging do share knowledge and experiences and provide free resources which you can turn to when you don’t have anyone to ask and which can save time and effort. Therefore, it might be a good supplement to face-to-face teaching, particularly for certain subjects. After all, you don’t have to learn everything face-to-face. So should I question the role of blogging in education or just trust those who state that blogging can change a person’s life? If blogging is useful, to what extent could it be applied to teaching and how to appropriately take advantage of it? Here I am, to answer these questions, by experimenting on myself and communicating with colleagues.


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  1. Hey! I want to say that the content and organization of your blog is excellent!!! I love it! I have to say though, I often miss the dark ages when we didn’t have quite so many instruments and technology to do our work for us. (I’m sure you already knew that 🙂 ) One-to-one teaching is, in my opinion, the best method….given that the teacher is competent and knowledgeable….

    I would love to help you with sentence structure and grammar if you would like to improve it 🙂

    1. Thank you, Cari. It’s big encouragement!As for the teaching methods, I agree with you that one-to-one is the best. But I’m afraid there aren’t enough resources for doing so.It’s a luxury. And also, I won’t hesitate to bother you when I want to improve my writing. haha 🙂

  2. I cannot agree more. I continually question all the use of technology and wonder if it is just me, but I guess not (being said with relief). Guess we all will see how this pans out over the semester and thereafter. Great post!

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