diversity is everywhere

Let’s look at a orchestra. It consists of at least one guitarist, one bassist, one keyboardist/pianist, and a drummer, and the lead singer. If everyone played drums and no guitars, nor singer, nor keyboardist or bassist, you can imagine the boring situation instead of a orchestra. This is the diversity in a orchestra.

In a classroom, some students are white, some are black, some are yellow. Some are male, some are female. Some are relatively young, some are older. They also differ in physical appearance, beautiful or normal-looking, tall or short, wearing dresses or jeans, etc. More over, they differ in language, personality, strengths or weaknesses, hobbies and so on so forth. This is the diversity in a classroom.

In a workplace, people are also different in those aspects mentioned for a classroom. Researches show that the diversity of a workplace enhances the positive business outcomes, increasing sales revenue, customer numbers and therefore profits. This is the diversity in a workplace.

Now, let’s expand to a larger view, a country. Apparently, citizens are all different. Also, there are different organizations, institutes or companies that play different roles in the whole society and that interlink and cooperate with each other.

Diversity is everywhere and important. Get along with and respect others and embrace the diversity.

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  1. I really like the band metaphor that you used to emphasize the importance of diversity. I absolutely agree with you. The society would be more dynamic and successful with different people with wide diversity.

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