Father Gapon Arrested!

The soul of the Revolution has been taken into custody! Read all about it!

Father Gapon was a man of the people in Russia during the  Revolution of 1905. In fact, it was a well-known fact that the working class loved him. In the New York Times article from January 21, 1905 entitled Czar Menaced By Revolution, it says, “He [Father Gopon] is idolized by the workmen, who, since the beginning of the strike, have furnished him with a body guard.” The people thought so highly of him that they gave him personal protection!  The Chicago  DailyTribune also spoke about the priest in an article from January 24, 1905 entitled Father Gopon Is A Born Leader. The article goes in depth about his life and his power over the people. It even goes as far to say that “Nobles Long Have Feared Him,” speaking about how his power over the people makes the nobles nervous.

From looking at these two articles, there is a little bit of a gap in what happened between January 21-23. The New York Times article speaks about how Father Gopon was somehow lured away from his security guard, and then was taken into custody on January 21st. But in the Chicago Tribune, there is an excerpt from a cable directly to the tribune from St. Petersburg on the 23rd saying that Father Gopon barely escaped being shot by soldiers firing into a crowd of protestors. So he somehow escaped custody, and was back out leading the people within a few days. Quite and incredible feat.

Father Gapon seems to have been a pretty incredible person. In the same excerpt about him escaping capture/death, it says, “…the priest was thrown to the ground. He crawled to a neighboring house, where he put on civilian’s attire and so was able to make his escape unnoticed.” The more I read about him, the more I think a movie should be made about this guy.

Note: You may have noticed that I referred to this man as both “Father Gapon” and “Father Gopon.” This is simply because the newspapers say “Gopon” while most modern pieces refer to him as “Gapon.

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  1. Father Gapon is definitely one of the most interesting figures involved in the 1905 revolution. His ultimate allegiance was with the working class, but he also had loyalty to the Okhrana (secret police) who were ironically tasked with infiltrating the many revolutionary groups that the working class and others were creating at the time. His death remains a mystery, but most certainly is connected to this apparent conflict of interest.

  2. This was a really interesting post! Was he captured solely for being a leader figure to the working class during the rebellions? Great job!

  3. The tone and approach of this really made me want to read more. I’ll be looking for the Father Gapon biopic in 2018! Seriously – Gapon’s story is complicated and I like how you introduce the reader to some of the questions in his biography.

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