The Evolution of the Fishing Rod and Reel.

Throughout history, fish have served as a staple food source for many populations around the world. Archeological evidence suggests that people have been using rods as means of catching fish since 2000 BC in China. While the rod has been around since the ancient times, the Reel element of the rod has only been used for fishing since the 4th century AD and did not become widely popular until the mid 17th century when fly fishing reels first appeared in London, England. The necessity to catch more fish, faster, has driven the evolution of the rod and reel into what we know them as today. For my research paper topic, I will be analyzing the technologies that advanced the state of Rods and Reels.

These sources are brief overviews of the products history, in my paper i will be going more in depth into the technology and mechanics behind the modern Rod and Reel.

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