• I came across a blog post on Higher Ed titled The next target. The article started with the announcement by University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa enforcing the 20-hour workload per week on graduate students to avoid paying costly health care fee. It is reported that “nationally many graduate students work long hours – longer than […]

  • The power of random talks

    Friday was the first time that I personally attended a speech given by a Nobel laureate. Dr. Steven Chu’s message was thought-provoking in many ways. Coming from a solid scientist background and later served in the political administration, he has both the passion to advocate state-of-art scientific research and a balanced inclusion of the perspective […]

  • Studying Chinese Philosophy in America

    One article on the Most Viewed list on The Chronicle of Higher Education this week that caught my attention is titled Chinese Philosophy Lifts Off in America. The topic is also related to the theme of global perspectives of higher education we are going to discuss in class this week. The article starts with the […]

  • What takes to attend Harvard?

    Start of a new academic year is the time of the year for performance evaluation and reflection, goal-setting and value-positioning for both individual students and t the educational institutes. It might be especially crucial to assess some of their fundamental values and hopefully start to take firm actions to change things.  According to a survey […]

  • Open Access Resources, Exciting!

    My first experience with this ingenious concept of open sharing of materials and resources for academic purposes was when I was doing my masters at MIT.  When I first found out almost all the courses I was taking and the companying class notes, assignment, even past year exam papers could be easily found at the […]

  • How university mission statements are similar and different?

    Before writing this blog, I have always been confused about the commonly appeared terms in the “About Us” section on the universities’ home page. There are, essentially, motto, vision, mission and sometimes, core values, action plans, goals and objectives. A motto is easier to tell from the rest due to its universal agreement on the […]

  • Hello world!

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