Hello world!

Although I blog in my country, I never really blogging for personal interests or purpose unless for the class assignment in the United States so far so it is an weird but interesting experience for me. Especially, many words and thought will be translate and present in another language and probably follow another culture’s norms and common sense.

When it comes to pedagogy, it is familiar yet totally a brand new topic for me because even though I was trained as an high school teacher back in Taiwan several years ago before I came to here to pursue graduate degrees, the pedagogy in higher education and that in different culture as well as advanced/improved technology are all new things for me to learn and think about. In addition, I am a kind of old school so sometime I still feel hesitate and concerned when utilizing new technology or creative teaching method for my class and students.

However, I guess this is a trend that need to adapt to and accept, as long as the goal and purpose of teaching and learning will be achieved and accomplished.

I am looking forward to reading, seeing and learning more of the various and creative pedagogy as well as related topics in this class.