I. Introduction to Data

CH1 Data and Sampling

1.1 Introduction to Statistics and Key Terms

1.2 Data Basics

1.3 Data Collection and Observational Studies

1.4 Designed Experiments

1.5 Sampling Techniques and Ethics

Chapter 1 Wrap-Up

CH2 Descriptive Statistics

2.1 Introduction to Descriptive Statistics and Frequency Tables

2.3 Displaying and Describing Categorical Data

2.3 Displaying Quantitative Data

2.4 Describing Quantitative Distributions

2.5 Measures of Location and Outliers

2.6 Measures of Center

2.7 Measures of Spread

Chapter 2 Wrap-Up

II. Probability Topics

CH3 Introduction to Probability

3.1 Introduction to Probability and Terminology

3.2 Visualizing Probabilities

3.3 Compound Events

Chapter 3 Wrap-up

CH4 Discrete Random Variables

4.1 Introduction to Discrete Random Variables and Notation

4.2 Measures of General DRVs

4.3 The Binomial Distribution

CH5 Continuous Random Variables

5.1 Introduction to CRVs and the Uniform

5.2 The Normal Distribution

5.3 Normal Approximation

Chapter 5 Wrap-up

III. Introduction to Inference

CH6 Foundations of Inference

6.1 Point Estimation and Sampling Distributions

6.2 The Sampling Distribution of the Sample Mean (Sigma Known)

6.3 Intro to Confidence Intervals

6.4 Behavior of Confidence Intervals

6.5 Intro to Hypothesis Testing

6.6 Hypothesis Testing In-depth

Chapter 6 Wrap-up

CH7 Inference for One Sample

7.1 The Sampling Distribution of the Sample Mean (Sigma UnKnown)

7.2 Inference for the Mean in Practice

7.3 The Sampling Distribution of the Sample Proportion

7.4 Inference for a Single Proportion

7.5 Behavior of Confidence Intervals for a Proportion

Chapter 7 Wrap-up

Ch8 Inference for Two Samples

8.1 Inference for Two Dependent Samples (Matched Pairs)

8.2 Inference for Two Independent Sample Means

8.3 Inference for Two Sample proportions

Chapter 8 Wrap-up

IV. Simple Linear Regression

Ch9 Simple Linear Regression

9.1 Introduction to Bivariate Data and Scatterplots

9.2 Measures of Association

9.3 Modeling Linear Relationships

9.4 Cautions about Regression

9.5 Inference for Regression

Chapter 9 Wrap-up

*Application video for sections 9.1-9.3 is full SLR Example

V. Extra Topics*

Simple Linear Regression Compiled

Getting Started

Advanced Probability

The Poisson Distribution

Measures of General CRVs

The Exponential Distribution

Assessing Normality Visually

Inference for Two Independent Sample Means (Pooling)

Inference for Regression

Goodness of Fit

Two-Way Tables Tests for Association


*Extra Topics do not have textbook sections yet