Case Summary: Chang, Hung-Shu

This case of research misconduct involved Hung-Shu Chang from Washington State University.  Here data was falsified in the manuscript “Transgenerational epigenetic imprinting of the male germline by endocrine disruption exposure during gonadal sex determination” in the journal Endocrinology.

Out of curiosity I looked up the paper and found that it is still posted, but with the words “A retraction has been published” in big red letters.  When I clicked on this link it brought me to the retraction which explained what part of the paper was falsified and said that it was retracted due to the inability to “locate” the data.  Whereas the case summary on ORI said that these experiments were not done.

I was a little disappointed that the article was still available on the journal website, and that their retraction statement seems to downplay the situation a little.  I would’ve liked to have seen just the title of the paper, with “this manuscript has been retracted”.

However I also feel bad for the coauthors of the paper that apparently were unaware of the fraud.  Their hard work is now tarnished by those big red letters on the title page of the article.

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