Nobel Winner Boycotts Nature, Cell and Science!!!

After reading the article above I was so shocked that somebody that high up in his field would speak out against the journals that helped get him there.  I’m not saying that as a bad thing at all.  I think it is extremely admirable that someone in his position would be so critical of the top journals.  It also shows that his loyalty is to good science, and not to his own career or the top journals that once helped his career.

In terms of this class it’s refreshing to see a scientist at the top of his field do the right thing.  As opposed to the couple of papers we read about scientists at the top of their receptive fields being guilty of serious misconduct.

I would also hope that this would help the cause for open access journals, or at least a new way of present scientific research.  I thought his criticism of impact factors was interesting, that an article could be sited a lot not just because it contains good science, but simply because it is “eye-catching, provocative, or wrong.”

It was also nice to see that Schekman is passing down his attitude to his students, that do not want to work at institutions where all they care about is how many times you have published in a major journal.  Maybe if enough people get this attitude it will inspire a change in how science is presented.

As we have spoke about in class though, are the alternatives (open access, public peer review) any better?

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  1. I saw this too and found it fascinating. I’m really honestly not sure.. I think that the other alternatives really aren’t any better. This is such a pessimistic view… but I think that all the options have some sort of skewed motivation, usually money. But how can we change the system?

    Food for thought.

  2. Glad you wrote about this guy! Makes me feel nice to know that people in our field still are practicing moral responsibility and care about what is right or what is wrong. I believe our mentors have a lot of influence on what type of engineers we become in the future. Cheers to him for setting a good example.

  3. Awesome article Jake! Thanks for sharing. I think this is a great view. As we have mentioned before in class…people don’t ask what your research is..they ask where you published. To me, this is just not acceptable. The money and time required to submit to these high impact journals often hamper the research when the goal is just to share what you have done with others. It is nice to see someone who is so high up boycott against the system.

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