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Bad Apples or Bad Barrels?

While listening to Sean talk about his experience in cycling and reading about Mr. Armstrong and his embracing of the doping friendly culture of cycling, I kept thinking about the Phillip Zimbardo Ted Talks I posted a couple weeks ago … Continue reading

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Ted Talks: Philip Zimbardo on the The Psychology of Evil

So I haven’t really been too into this blogging thing so far.  I’ve kind of had the mentality of it being something I had to do every week, just like any other assignment.  But this week I’m really excited to … Continue reading

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Thoughts on YPSG

Well I’ll admit it, I was one of the students that didn’t read the first YPSG assignment.  I got confused by the folder, was unobservant, and it cost me 0.4 points.  I’m saying this in the spirit of being translucent, … Continue reading

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