Class Reflection

This semester has been a rollercoaster. Overall, I am thankful for it and I think I have learned a lot. Specifically, this class has provided a constant time in the week to take a break from other classes and work. Even just the excuse to walk to campus on the days where class was in-person helped provide a much needed break. I also loved having a constant outlet for creativity through exploring different kinds of art. I enjoyed working on the assignments outside of class too. Whether it was drawing or exploring different cuts in a book, it was an enjoyable and exploratory way to spend my time.

I think my favorite project was probably the book alterations. It was a fun process searching for a book that inspired some vision and then experimenting with other books. I got access to the build lab through this project and now want to use it for future personal projects because they have countless tools. The bandsaw provided a perfect cut for the book and I was happy with how it turned out.

One of the most challenging things for me is probably giving feedback on other students work. I would get nervous about having something meaningful to contribute, but I think throughout the semester I got more comfortable and giving feedback is one of the skills I will take from this class.

I think another thing I will take from this class is an understanding of the number of ways to tell a story. From projects like the video project to guest speakers, I learned a lot about effective storytelling. I think the ability to decide what form of storytelling can make the biggest impact and create the most understanding is something that will be incredibly important in my future.

Lastly here is my rattle/double pinch pot that we made last week!

Thanks for such an amazing semester!