Good enough

Even as I started reading the introduction to the “World Wide Web,” I began to realize the differences and similarities that the web today has from the web 18 years ago. The sentence, ” The Web demonstrates…the technologies that prevail don’t have to be the best ones – they just have to be good enough,” immediately caught my attention. Maybe years ago, when things were just starting to begin with the World Wide Web, technologies could just be “good enough” but does this apply today?

I think not. Think of Itunes (or Apple products in general), Google, Facebook, smart phones, etc. There is always a competitor. There is always someone who isn’t “good enough.” For example, the MP3 store sells the same music as the Itunes music store (and sometimes for cheaper) but what’s missing? is a great search engine, but we still use Googleplus could be a great way to connect with other people use Facebook. Why is it that although these technologies are good, they don’t triumph over the “best ones.” Or are the best ones only just good enough and we just don’t realize their flaws?

As I continued to read, I found yet another interesting point. “If you haven’t yet experienced the Web, the best way to find out about it is to try it.” This quote made me think of my grandparents who do not own one piece of technology. I am constantly trying to explain the Internet to them and computers, but they just don’t get it. They can’t imagine why people would like to look things up and why people enjoy connecting with friends through email or Facebook. I think this sentence really hit home for me because of this situation. I’ve never really thought about it, but if I hadn’t grown up with computers and taught myself about how they operate, I wouldn’t understand it either. I wouldn’t get that the internet is more than just a way to communicate – it’s a way to be curious, to learn, to discover things. I understand why my grandparents have a hard time with technology – because they don’t use it. I also realize that, even with annoying pop up advertisements, junk email, etc, the Web is definitely good enough for me.


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  1. Jordan Jacobson

    I completely agree with your post! When he talked about having to use it to understand it, I thought about the children that we have talked about having to program things in order to play the game. They learned the program by learning how to program it. So, this way of thinking and cognition must be applicaple to many different age groups and situations. I can also say that I have used this technique on pretty much all technology. I didn’t go in to a class to learn how to use Word or how to surf the internet or how to use tumblr. I just got on it and did it. Thus, we are back to the question of what motivates some people to do this? What causes that curiosity that makes people want to learn this kind of stuff? Who knows!

  2. halliedominick

    I also agree! It’s strange to think that at the time the article was written you simple had to be “good enough” to compete on the world wide web (W3). This is definitely not the case anymore. Websites attempt to buy up one another to gain market share in order to be the best and not just good enough. After realizing this, my next thought is, when did this become the norm?

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