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An “interest”ing topic

So last week in my class, as we talked about various topics involving the World Wide Web and the internet, we came across a discussion that I found very stimulating. A member of the class asked the question, “Does interest depend on others around us?”

When this question was asked, I immediately thought, “No! My interests can be completely different from others!” But as I started to ponder this question, I realized that maybe the internet and sites like and have become so popular because people are interested in the same things.

We began to discuss how the internet is all about networking and that we connect because we are all interested in things. But why? I can understand that the internet is a useful tool for learning, but how does it connect us? Are we only connected through Facebook, twitter, linkedin, etc? I (and my classmates) think no.

Think about this blog. Why are you reading it? Why is it benefiting you? Think about popular YouTube videos like “David after Dentist” or “Sh*t ___ Say”…why do people find them interesting? They are usually humorous..but I believe there is something more to it. I feel out of the loop if I haven’t watched the latest trending video on YouTube. They are something to talk about – something to connect you and other people.

I’ve posted below one of the most popular videos on YouTube – ever. I know I have had multiple conversations about it, and you probably have too since it can relate to almost everyone…if you haven’t seen it you should check it out by clicking the link below:

Evolution of Dance


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Twitter is an interesting site. Although all of my friends had one, I somehow neglected to get one until my professor required it for a class last week. Currently, I am only following 2 people and have yet to figure out how to tweet all the time. I have started to realize however that twitter really is an important networking site.

It was developed in 2006 by a man named Jack Dorsey. Although it was created 6 years ago, it was an instant hit and has only gained popularity over the years. Almost like a public text message, twitter informs others on events and occurrences which happen in our lives. When you “tweet” it instantly becomes visible by followers and users of twitter. The contents include news, conversations, random talk, etc. but are all interesting and fun to read.

The hashtag (#) is something that specifically interests me. I love that my class can use our hashtag and see what everyone else is thinking about and talking about. The idea is great to share opinions and ideas across a variety of people.

I’ve posted a video below about what twitter is (if people don’t know already) and why people use the movie states: “it’s simple” and it makes you feel connected to people all around the world. It is the type of communication that isn’t necessary to read – but if you want to know it it is there.


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Media and Me

For my entire life I’ve had access to the internet. I can’t even begin to imagine how my life would differ without it. Sites like and allow the world to connect and relate without getting up from a desk chair. It’s unbelievable.

I had never really thought about how much my life is impacted by technology until I walked into one of my classes yesterday morning, called Memex to YouTube. After doing the traditional first day of class icebreakers, we begun to discuss how the internet and technology, in general, can change the face of education. It is an incredible, yet startling vision to think about the future and how one simple idea could change the world. We ended class watching a YouTube video that I have posted below. The video really made me think about how one word, one sentence, one professor, one machine, or one student has the ability to modify something and mold it into the future. For after all, we invent the future.

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Hello world!

Welcome to Blogs@VT Sites. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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