Is it Easy Being Young?

The 1980s brought about a lot of changes in the Soviet union. Things like the collapse of Soviet communism and the social transformation that followed it had a many effects on the Soviet people. One group that was particularly affected by the changing Soviet Union was the nation’s youth. Young people began questioning authority and developing an unease in their elders.
At the time, the policies of traditional Soviet culture that focused on the youth was centered on schooling and the Komsomol. Being outdated and becoming discredited, they were not popular with the youth. Instead they responded to the authorities’ inability to answer their questions with everything from a growing interest in rock music to incidents of civil disobedience.
This culture of questioning authority and rebelling against the traditional Soviet values and culture was highlighted by a 1986 documentary directed by Juris Podnieks. Entitled Is it Easy Being Young? the film followed a rock concert and interviewed young people about their feelings on various issues.
Overall, the unrest and rebellion of the Soviet youth characterizes one aspect of the social transformations that occurred as a result of the crumbling of Soviet communism. Their attitude of distrust towards the old Soviet traditions exemplified the new era of freedom and opportunity that was occurring in the Soviet Union at the time.

2 thoughts on “Is it Easy Being Young?

  1. With the Soviet youth obtaining more access to the media, and being able to see how the youth of western societies get to live compared to the backwards social environment they were born into, it should not surprise anyone that civil disobedience and the desire to rebel against established norms came about amongst younger generations.

  2. Young people and adolescents tend to always want to rebel against society, so it is a wonder why it took so long for the young people to cause a stir in the first place. Once the Russian youth saw how other country’s young people act, it was only a matter of time before they acted out.

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