Pain Killers

This week was an extremely big eye opener for me on how drugs are used so heavily in the region. Specifically pain killers. It became very apparent that these kinds of drugs are very easy to obtain in the region specifically West Virginia. Drugs like Codeine originally became very popular in the region due to the fact that most of the jobs have to do with heavy physical labor. So naturally that hurts a persons body over time and they need some kind of medication so they can get through the day.

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It didn’t take long for the use of pain killers to spread and then many people of the region got heavily addicted to the product. The big drug firms then started to pay off the doctors getting them to prescribe the drugs to just about anybody who would walk in the door. After this happened the pain killers really began sweeping through the region and it ended up destroying so many peoples lives in the process.

A lot of people place the blame on the doctors and the drug companies. However, a lot of people disagree and think that people make their own decisions therefore it is the people taking the drugs fault. So that leaves us with the question, “Whose fault is the pain killer epidemic? The Doctors? The drug corporations? The actual residents?”

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