When America Was Tough

While reading Internal Colonization it was extremely evident that immigration became a huge part of Appalachia. Internal Colonization says, “Individuals and families migrated to the coal counties from the nearby farm counties of Kentucky, Virginia, and Tennessee.”

The main reason this sticks out to me so much is because there was a time in America where  people believed that you shouldn’t take hand outs from anyone and you should earn your own money. The attitude back then was basically if you don’t work then you don’t eat, and that is what made America and especially Appalachia the toughest place in the world. People were leaving there home states, mainly because they had been displaced, to work in what probably was the worst working conditions in the country. And they did all this just to feed their family. I envy the toughness and work ethic all the immigrants into the coal mines had.

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Above is a picture of what tough men look like. Picture taken from: https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=coal+miners&view=detailv2&&id=6314171087495950BF62465A6D034A9B207D10CE&selectedIndex=0&ccid=aZM%2fEg8C&simid=607997203686295785&thid=OIP.M69933f120f023bd6a223209d9fc0863dH0&ajaxhist=0

Now a days in America it seems like when the going gets tough people start wallowing in self pity and start looking to the government with their hand out. We need to get back to the way America was before, when people had enough pride in their family names to provide for themselves.

So what happened in history that turned this country from people migrating different places to work, to now not even looking for jobs?

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