In reading Ghosts, Boundaries, and Names I was extremely intrigued that he said Wytheville, VA was, “one of the crossroads of American history.” I guess that sort of jumped off the page at me because it is fairly close to where I live. I have even bought a couple dogs from a man that lives there. So then as I read on I learned that you can basically get to anywhere in Appalachia using one of the routes out of Wytheville, VA. After hearing that I would now consider Wytheville a ghost of Appalachia just due to the fact that at some point so many people went right through that place. Now its just a place with an extremely small population, nothing ever even really gets said about that town anymore.

What was once a pivotal place in Appalachia is now kind of pointless. Wytheville is now just a ghost of Appalachia.

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