Who Are The Stakeholders?

The stakeholders in the issue of nuclear power are the local and federal governments, the citizens, and researchers and companies that would be involved. The government is involved because they have to fund the building of new power plants and the maintenance of existing ones. They have to regulate them and make sure that they are running safely.

The citizens will want to ensure lower energy bills. Nuclear energy is very efficient but requires a “start up fee”. Citizens will have to agree on a policy that can meet the needs of the most people and compromise to fit as many needs as possible. There is also the issue of where to put the power plants. They are relatively large and can be seen as an eye sore. The local community would have to agree on a site for the plant. The opinions of the citizens will have a high variation. This means that there will need to be the most compromise in this area.

Researchers and companies interested in nuclear power will all have individual motives for nuclear power plants. Researchers will want to find ways to make the process more eficent and companies will want to make money off of the pants. As you can see, the process of agreeing on and building a nuclear power plant is very complex.

If I was to organize a group to work on the issues of nuclear power I would choose Jim Webb because he is a senator who is trying to have legislation passed that produces more nuclear power plants in America. This would benefit the population because energy costs would be lower and nuclear energy is much better for the environment than traditional coal fired plants.

I would also choose researchers who could prove these statistics and help find even better ways to produce power. If researchers prove that cost would be lower and that nuclear power is better for the environment, more citizens would be willing to support it.

I would keep my group in the US because it is already complicated enough to get a power plant build. If international politics were involved, it would only be harder to get plants built.


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