Federal Register Notice

The lead modeling public peer review meeting will be held on June 27 and 28, 2017 in Washington DC. The registration deadline to attend the meeting in-person or via teleconference, and to request to make a brief oral statement at the meeting, is June 22, 2017.

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2 Replies to “Federal Register Notice”

  1. Thanks! Are you following this issue? I participated in the writing of a letter that a coalition of groups submitted together to EPA. I know others submitted comments as well.

  2. Other than common knowledge from the news, I had not followed the issue until you talked about it last week during your lecture. The regulatory science post is from a paper I’m writing on the dust contaminates impacting rescue workers and residents of lower Manhattan during clean up after Sep 11. In that paper, a problem I talk about is that those most severely impacted by risk do not get to participate in setting the risk standards. I also learned that prior to publication of all FRs, the public is supposed to be allowed to attend an open forum comment session. There is an obvious correlation to lead in water so I looked up any EPA/water related FRNs and this is what I found. With regard to Flint, it would be interesting to know how the regulatory risk standard was created and who participated – both when the decision was made to switch to the alternate water source and when they discovered there was a problem.

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