Coal Flower Fail


In class we got into groups and gathered supplies to make “coal flowers” (pictured above is an example of what is supposed to look like). Our bowls of concoctions were supposed to turn unto these beautiful blue-green and pink masses. My group must have had the measurements off, because after 24 hours our bowl of random stuff, was still just that, a bowl of random stuff.

Now, it is hard to pull something away from this fun in-class project because my group’s flower didn’t blossom, but I can take something away. The first thing I can take away is how beautiful coal can be (seriously, that picture above is super cool to look at).

The second thing I can take away from this, is a stretch, but a valuable lesson: seemingly unrelated things can make something beautiful. By unrelated things, I relate that to people. When different people get together, wonderful things happen. We put a man on the moon; and not with a bunch of the same people from the same place, we gathered people from all over. NASA gathered people from all different backgrounds and ethnicities, and we put a man on the moon. On a smaller scale, people get together and make beautiful group art, and create wonderful things every day. On  a note related to the Appalachian region, neighbors pair up with environmental lawyers trying to help the region from coal companies. It would be easy to argue that lawyers and some locals from the Appalachia are very different, but together they can help something beautiful: the environment and peoples’ homes. I doubt this lesson was the point of this project, but it’s not hard to learn this lesson from it.

Food for thought: Are there any other lessons (stretch as far as you want) that you can learn from this project? Can they relate to the Appalachia?

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