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“One important consequence of mining was that it did not open up the mountains. The isolation of the area went beyond just physical isolation; it now included social isolation. The inability of the indigenous population to cope with those representatives of the coal industry and the many fraudulent land deals that were made with the local people stand as bold evidence of antagonistic relationships,” (Lewis 17).

Discussion question about this quote: How does mining, mountain top removal specifically, create social isolation in a region? Does it create social isolation between neighbors? or just inhabitants against the coal company?


My answer: Mining divides a community in so many ways. It can create social isolation by separating the community through opinion. Half the community with opinion A will remove themselves from the other half of the community with opinion B. Since mountain top removal is such a heated debated within a community (The two arguments being that it destroys the environment, and the other being that is keeps the lights on) it creates social isolation. Because of that, it creates more social isolation within the community and between neighbors than between the community and the coal companies.

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