Old Crow Medicine Show rocks for a reason

In Bill Malone’s chapter in High Mountains Rising titles “Music” he states that, “No concept in American life has had a more magic appeal than Appalachian music,” (Malone 114). I have never thought about it deeply, and even if it may be slightly exaggerated, I mostly agree with it. The Appalachian is viewed in such a romantic way from the entirety of the United States. All the music that comes out of the region is mostly about the region itself. Where a lot of other music, like rap or rock, is never really about a place. Bluegrass Music and folk music is very proud genre of music.

People are interested in this genre because largely they are interested in the region. Below is one of my favorite songs by Old Crow Medicine Show demonstrating a song that talks about the region.

Why does this music genre focus so much on the homeland (The Appalachia), when other, more successful, music genres don’t?

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