Research and Teaching

Research Projects 

               Double Nut Moment Connection at the base of a Traffic Signal

Prevention of Loosening of Anchor Nuts on Ancillary Structures – I am currently working on the vibrational loosening of anchor nuts. In the past two decades, there have been regular cases of loosening of anchor nuts on ancillary structures (light poles, traffic signals etc.). A few of these structures have even fallen down on the interstates. The project revolves around finding the different causes of this loosening and suggesting remedial measures to prevent this loosening of nuts. Wind-induced vibrations, inadequate tightening, and thermal gradient are believed to be some the primary causes for this loosening.

Evaluation of Member-level Redundancy in Built-up Steel Girders – I worked on evaluating the redundancy of built-up steel girders during my master’s. A structure is said to be redundant if it does not collapse even after the failure or fracture of one of its members. The project involved finding out the residual ultimate capacity of partially damaged built-up girders in Finite Element software ABAQUS. It was found that a partially failed steel built-up girder has enough residual capacity and the stress redistributes to the other members even after the failure of the bottom cover plate.

Redistribution of stresses to angles after 100% failure of bottom cover plate

Teaching Experience

I am currently a Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) at Virginia Tech. I have no teaching experience except for a few Steel Bridge Design backup classes for my advisor. I really enjoy teaching and would love to teach a full course in the future. I am currently taking GRAD 5104 Preparing the Future Professoriate class .  I hope to get my Future Professoriate Certificate from Virginia Tech soon.