Mission Statements – Leading Global Universities (US and India)

I analyzed mission statements from two leading global universities – Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Indian Institute of Technology. Mission statements were found to have major similarities with a few differences. The key finding from both the statements are as follows –

MIT – Private Research University – Cambridge, USA

  • Education – Imparting knowledge and education to the students from around the world in science, technology and other areas of scholarship.
  • USA and World – Working with others in preserving and generating knowledge and research in solving the nation and world’s problems.
  • Students – Providing students with a mixture of academic and research resources.
  • Diversity – Diverse cultural environment for intellectual stimulation.
  • Values – Development of ability and passion to work creatively, and effectively for the betterment of humankind.


IIT – Public Research University – New Delhi, India

  • Education – Providing state-of-the-art education and cutting-edge research through different undergraduate, graduate and, doctoral programmes.
  • India and World – Contributing as a valuable resource to the industry and society in India and the world as a whole through excellence in scientific and technical education and research.
  • Diversity -Respect and tolerance for the views of every individual.
  • Values – Developing values like academic integrity, accountability, intellectual exploration, creativity, enterprise, and rationality.


The mission statements were similar to each other in the field of education, world contribution, global cooperation (collaboration) and diversity. Values were found to be different for both the mission statements.  MIT focuses more on exploration and creativity whereas IIT’s mission statement is more elaborative in terms of behavioral development. One of the most interesting observation was that both the statements consist of mission, vision, beliefs, goals, and values but none mentions regarding the strategies and approximate time frame for achieving the mission.