We define ourselves in various ways; Professor Gardner says that he likes to connect any name with its meaning. I am Jaser, in Arabic language, Jaser (جاسر) means ” Brave” and this is typical who am I. I like to write in Arabic, as well as to write at the same level in English. I just start my Blog and plan to keep blogging. I believe that this is not the optimum way of thinking and sharing ideas but someday, I will find my own way.

My life is a work in progress. I’m a father of two precious little kids and a husband of a beautiful woman “Buran.” They keep me going every day. I am a PhD student in environmental design and planning program at Virginia Tech university. This is the first year for me in the US. I can fully say I am on the right path in life. I feel that I can share my blogging experience story with openness and not feel guilt or shame. I know that my experience will innovate my future career.


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