Hungry at an information feast

How To Change. At least in the days before the internet, you had the excuse that you didn’t have the information to know how to change or improve your life and achieve what you want.

Now there is no excuse. You can find information on just about anything you want with the tapping of the fingers and a few clicks.

Yet, all this information hasn’t been as helpful as many had hoped. 99% of people still fail to be what they term as successful in life. And yes, there is a lot of information out there on self improvement, using positive thinking or your mind power to achieve what you all your desires.

So what is missing? Why are people still failing to achieve success even when they are told or are well informed on how to change their lives? Some can even afford to pay therapists to tell them how to lead more fulfilled lives?

Well the truth of the matter is this; information doesn’t easily translate into change in behavior and people still have that annoying habit of apportioning blame.

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