I just wanted to throw out two quick ideas that I didn’t get to say in class because the conversation took another (equally interesting) turn… but I didn’t want to forget them or not be able to share!

1) Re: Passive or Active voice and pronoun use.  I wondered if this had to do with any admission to the subjectivity of knowledge.  Perhaps in the past, there was a greater value placed on Right answers and Wrong answers as related to Truth.  But, as our fields have progressed, I think that the cutting edge of even the hard sciences likely embraces some subjectivity or “gray area” that exists been true and false… particularly as we have come to discover some things we previously held as unquestionable truth have been overturned.  And, maybe, by foregrounding the human researchers, we highlight that even with sound methodology we are still beautifully fallible and humbly in awe of the knowledge that we seek… just a thought.

2) We talked a lot about language, and writing, and the perceived rate of change there.  One of the points I was thinking is that while we talked about language changing and the way we communicate changing… we forgot to mention that language is how we think.  So, as language changes, so too does the way we think and reason.  For example, are all the news ticker tapes, Twitter feeds, and short emails actually affecting us in major rewiring kinds of ways?  Is it more than just text language showing up in written assignments but rather changing how we fundamentally consume information (can we still do deep dives on novels or process those long journal articles?)  To reference a potential analog (true or false… your call)… if we eat fast food at our desks while working every day, do we forget how to appreciate a full course meal with friends?

Just a few things I was thinking as we left…