“Self-awareness is more useful for sophisticated self-congratulation than for readiness to go out onto that unknown plain with the Red Crosse Knight, Una, the dwarf, and the donkey.” <dripping with the sarcasm accordant any devout curator/champion/nomad of the meta-level>

I have found that blogging with the frequency we discussed in vtclis12 class is very difficult for me.  At the surface, we could call it an excuse for a busy life (like we all have).  Or, we could say that I’m disinterested, un-reflective, unwilling to apply anything in my life.  Rather, I find it an interesting, somewhat unique but infinitely familiar foray into my own mind and approach to interacting with the world…

I think a lot.  I am passionate about many things.  I am a determined puzzle-piece-putter-together.  But, I often feel like I am on the verge of the insight that just won’t come.  Like I have a story to tell, or something to share… but that I just need to pull one last piece together before I can tell it.  The word articulate to me is this gypsy of a verb.  I have a lot of things to say, but I just don’t want to say them until they sound just right in my head.  <classic introvert?>

So – blogging to me, is this beautifully messy space where ideas and connections can be tried out.  As an educator, I love that.  For me personally, I find it eternally frustrating (in an incredibly healthy way), because it requires me to spit things out before I’m ready.  To invite feedback and collaboration before I’ve “solved the problem” or “solidified my opinion” or “wrapped my head around the interpretation.”

It has been and will continue to be one of those beautifully karmic bite-you-in-your-butt things.  I value messy ideas and the space to create them.  I value how collective reflection or exploration can affect individual meaning-making.  I value disruptive, uncomfortable experiences so long as they are done in a safe environment.  I believe that our knowledge, emotions, and actions need to be dynamic, intentional processes.  And I “hate” that all of these values are the perfect intrinsic justification for me needing to blog more often when I’d rather stay within my comfort zone.  Don’t you just hate it when that happens?

What are you learning about yourself while blogging?