Lighter of the Future

This is the newest technology that I have seen in the fire and lighting industry. It has many benefits including sustainability, eco friendly, rechargable, and safer than classic lighters as well as windproof. It does not use butane or lighter fluid but instead uses a plasma technology to create heat. It does not seem to overheat and is run on battery power. When it dies, you charge it back to full strength. It is safer because when closed it does not allow itself to light, where regular lighters have flammable gas inside and can leak or cause other unfortuante accidents. I am intrigued by this “Plazmatic X Lighter” because it shows that we as a country are constantly moving forward with products as new technologies come around. 10 or 20 years ago we never would have thought that we could hold plasma in a handheld lighter yet here we are. And years before the first lighter, we may have only seen fire come from matches. It just goes to show that anything is possible, and this makes me very excited to see where we are in another 20 years.


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