Week 13: Project Update

My project, all in all, is an effort to help fellow GTAs communicate the importance of academic integrity while also being informative to the undergraduates that we teach here at Virginia Tech. Throughout the course of the semester, as I have needed to go over the lessons in my own classes, I have compiled Google Slides that help me relay certain information to my students. Actually, I created my slideshow on the last main topic last night for the class that I taught today.

These main ideas are Plagiarism, MLA Format, and Summary, Paraphrase, and Quotation. I hope that by creating slides on these topics, that I will help my students understand exactly what Virginia Tech defines as academic integrity, how to format papers in accordance with MLA format, and how to successfully and honestly incorporate sources into their research papers. I would also be overjoyed if these slides could benefit another GTA in any way, shape or form. Honestly, these topics aren’t the most fun to teach, nor do the students particularly like learning about them. However, it seemed that many of my students today didn’t know the difference between summary and paraphrase, which enabled them to actually learn from my presentation/activities today.

So far, I have created the initial Google Slides for my project. At this point, I need to compile them into one Google Slideshow and connect them together in some way. I also need to make a long Works Cited list, because although the project is in my own words, I have scoured the writing center cites for useful activities to include at the end of my short lectures, so the students can put the lesson into practice—I think this is extremely important. In addition to these things, I want to write a short 1-2 page explanation of my project in order to outline what I did and why I chose to include certain things or certain activities.

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  1. kperzynski

    Hello! I enjoyed reading your post. Your final project sounds like a great resource for future GTAs. I am also creating a resource for future GTAs teaching undergraduate students, but my project will solely be focused on referencing. I have noticed throughout the past year of being a GTA that referencing sources is something that many students find difficult, so I am hoping to bring clarity to that. I am glad that we are both addressing this through our projects!

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