Week 6: Citation Methods

Thank God for Purdue OWL. I’ve been depending on that website for MLA help since the very beginning of my journey in higher education. I still use it very often and have linked the site into my syllabus so that my own students know how valuable of a resource it truly is. Actually, as far as forming citations, Purdue OWL is the only online resources or resource, in general, that I use. As an undergraduate, I found that websites that claimed to do the citations for me always ended up screwing it up somehow, and I was left with markings on my paper telling me that I needed to recheck the formatting. I quickly learned that it was much more reliable and in, most cases, more efficient for me to do the citations on my own. Because citation methods are ALWAYS changing, at least for MLA, I can’t depend on the sites to account for that.  Often times, the citation-for-you sites are not up to speed with the current citation format. For example, even the game that was linked into this week’s module, has not been corrected for the newest MLA update. I’m sure citation managers work well for many other people, yet I do think it’s important for scholars to learn how to format citations on their own.

Last semester, I was introduced to cites like Zotero and Endnote in my online Library Research class. Mendeley is my new best friend. Somehow, I had never been introduced to Mendeley. While it has a reference/citation manager feature, I still never use it, but rather use Mendeley for the simple fact that I can store, read, and annotate all of my articles for my multiple research papers in one place. It’s great.


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  1. livs

    Oh wow, I have never heard of Mendeley before! Thanks for mentioning it in your post 🙂 I currently use EndNote for my thesis and extremely helps to manage my 150+ citations. Throughout high school, I used MLA like you mentioned and knew that formatting style pretty well. Now for HNFE we use AMA. I like this style, but I am still getting used to it for sure.

  2. czandert

    I agree that learning citation formats is important, as opposed to using automatic citation websites. This is especially interesting when I find out the rationale that different citation formats have (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.) for ordering their citations the way they do. I honestly hate MLA because they format block quotes to be double-spaced. I mean come on! So ugly!

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