Blog Post 1: Mission Statements

For this assignment, I chose to focus on the two higher education institutions that I attended as an undergraduate. I attended a community college for a few years before transferring to a private institution.

  • The following mission statement is from Allan Hancock College, a community college in Santa Maria, CA:

“Allan Hancock College provides quality educational opportunities that enhance student learning and the creative, intellectual, cultural, and economic vitality of our diverse community.” (AHC)

In addition to the mission statement, Allan Hancock’s “Mission and Values” page also contains a vision statement, Allan Hancock Shared Values statement, a nondiscrimination statement, and a strategic plan.

  • The following mission statement is from Simpson University, a four-year Christian university in Redding, CA:

“Simpson University is a Christ-centered learning community committed to developing each student in mind, faith and character for a lifetime of meaningful work and service in a constantly changing world.” (SU)

Like Allan Hancock College, Simpson University “Mission, Vision, and Values” page also has separate identity, vision, and core values statements.

Since I attended both of these institutions, I have an idea of how they worked and how their mission statements reflect their unique identities. In thinking about Hancock’s mission statement, I’m reminded of its purpose as a community college and of its role in the community, which I believe are indicated by the words “educational opportunities.” This institution worked largely in two major ways (there I’m sure there are many others): 1) It served to prepare students for transferring to the Cal State system or the UC system. A large majority went to either of those systems, so their major programs revolved around the qualifications these schools required of their incoming transfer students. The college also had terminal programs, like nursing, dental assistant, or welding. Hancock had a very popular and prestigious nursing program for the area. So the opportunities for the students varied. Where they ended up varied. But Hancock provided the education they needed to get to where they wanted to be. Also, Santa Maria is an ethnically diverse city, and Hancock reflected this within its statement.

Simpson University’s mission statement is noticeably quite different from the statement of Allan Hancock College because of its obviously Christian background.The school is committed to the both educational and spiritual development of its students.  It’s important to note that Simpson University is partnered with the Christian-Missionary Alliance denomination, and because of this, the phrase “lifetime of meaningful work and service in a constantly changing world” is important. Simpson is big on community service and world service, and this is reflected in its mission statement.

These two institutions of higher education are very different from each other, and their mission statements indicate how they see themselves in the community they reside in and what they believe their responsibility is to the students that come from those communities and elsewhere.

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  1. czandert

    Fascinating mission statements! I think it’s interesting how they aim to sound so positive and use such vague words to get away with their positivity! I especially like “quality,” “vitality,” “diverse,” and “meaningful”!

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